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220-05 Adhésif isolant non inflammable à base d’eau

Description du produit
Installation et
Information technique

A light coloured, polymer emulsion-based adhesive for bonding fibrous insulation materials to metal and facings. Used for bonding insulation materials such as low-density fibrous glass to metal in the fabrication of ductwork and equipment in heating and air-conditioning installations. Can also be used for sealing the edges of the insulation and for repairing damaged duct insulation coating and for adhering vapour barrier jacketing and facing materials to insulation.


  • Prise rapide
  • Ininflammable pendant l’application
  • À base d’eau
  • Dries to a tacky, flexible film
  • Dry film is waterproof
  • Good aging characteristics
  • Can be applied by brush, spray, roller coat or duct liner machine




Fiches techniques

220-05 Non-Flammable Water Based Insulation Adhesive Data Sheet Télécharger le PDF      

Fiche signalétique

220-05 Non-Flammable Water Based Insulation Adhesive SDS Sheet Télécharger le PDF      
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